How does a Real-Time 3D Digital Smart City Platform work? Smart­City Institute: interview with GritWorld


With the rapid growth of urban population and economic development, many large cities face increasingly unexpected environmental, social and economic challenges. However, the emergence of smart city technology has brought people a new way of life and the market scale of smart cities is also growing globally. Since 2018, GritWorld has been continually working on smart city projects and gaining abundant experience.

At the end of July, the President of the SmartCity Institute in Germany, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh interviewed the Founder & CEO of GritWorld, Dr. Wu and Lead Technical Artist Ganesh Pingale in her program “Have a Tea with Dr. E”. During the interview, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh became interested in GritGene, the main product of GritWorld and wondered how GritWorld utilized it in smart city projects. With a showcase video, Dr. Wu presented the real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene, and explained that GritGene is currently independently developed; On one hand, GritGene provides strong technical support in the reconstruction of 3D models and real-time city visualization. On the other hand, it provides real-time data visualization, transfers the abstract data into vivid animations, which significantly improves human-computer interaction and brings a better experience to smart city users. Additionally, the R&D team of GritWorld is fully able to conduct independent graphics research and apply their findings in the smart city area.

Dr. Wu and Ganesh introduced the Visualization Solution of Pandemic Control which was produced by GritWorld in March 2020

One of the origins of this interview is a new book 《Smart City – Made in Germany》, which is edited by Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh and published by Springer Vieweg. Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh invited a series of authors of the book to her virtual Tea House for an interview to talk about their smart city technologies in community management, transportation control, health infrastructure construction and art creation. Dr. Wu and Ganesh Pingale, as the authors of the capital GritWorld 3D Real-Time Digital Smart City Platform, are in the 12th episode of “Have a Tea with Dr. E.” With the help of various short videos, they introduced classic smart city projects from GritWorld. Going in-depth, they demonstrated the real-time monitoring of traffic in Hangzhou; the efficient operation of the big data screen with a companion-App for mobile phone or tablet to check how the water, electrical and fire alarm systems are running in Machong, China.

The Smart City User Case: Community Management

At last, Dr. Wu and Dr. Etezadzadeh also talked about the cultural differences between China and Germany. Dr. Wu mentioned that Chinese culture emphasizes on harmony. Our Chinese colleagues are always trying to build up a harmonious atmosphere. Nevertheless, in Germany, colleagues are more direct and straightforward. Additionally, in Germany, work and home life are separated; while in China, people are used to mixing them together.

It was a very informative and informal interview. Just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy