Dr. Wu presents at the New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit 2020


On May 28, 2020, New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit was held in Foshan Creative Industry Park. The online live broadcasts attracted 285,000 people to watch and exchange their opinions. Dr. Wu Xiaomao, the founder and CEO of GritWorld, was invited to share his thoughts on the integration of industrial Internet and digital entertainment.

Dr. Wu explained his observations and understanding of the current digital economy development trends. He believes that in the future, cloud computing and AI environment will convert all artificial information and data into visual content and integrate with reality, which could transform the real world and create a new virtual world.

What’s more, with the continuous development of industrial Internet, various technologies are also continuously integrated and applied across fields. Rendering technology is not only used in film, television, animation and games but also in data visualization. Governments and enterprises, as well as individual consumers, will participate in the creation of digital content in the future to promote the development of the digital economy.

Dr. Wu in speech: the Mission of GritWorld 

The application of underlying digital engine tools in various fields is precisely what GritWorld has been doing. At present, GritWorld has made some breakthroughs in graphics rendering with their graphics engine GritGene and their proprietary 3D large-scale reconstruction technology, which can shorten the response time and enhance the processing capacity and throughput of big data without sacrificing rendering quality; local and remote multi-party collaboration makes the engine work smarter. In the future, everyone will be inseparable from “digital,” and more and more people will become creators of “digital content.” To provide the best tools and platforms for them, GritWorld will keep cultivating in the field of graphics rendering and will remain committed to research.

(Picture Source: https://36kr.com/live/detail/16384020348929)