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GritWorld GmbH was founded in December 2015 by Dr. Wu Xiaomao in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Shortly after it’s founding, several top investors have joined in. Now our company has new offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, to support our Chinese clients.

Through healthy growth, GritWorld has hired a strong international team with members from 18 different countries to develop our core technology in our headquarters in Frankfurt.

Our Work

Our core development focuses on real-time graphics & rendering technologies and real-time large-scale 3D reconstruction technologies, summarized as our digital engine. The current applications on top of the digital engine target different industrial fields including cartoon animation & film, smart city management & industrial simulation, high-dimension data visualization, large-scale commodity digitization and advertisement. In these fields, we promote digital transformation, improved production efficiency and the user experience.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe in creating a work environment where people, ideas and results are more important than regulations and time sheets. Every human ticks differently, but we still work and laugh together.

Our Mission

GritWorld’s mission is to unify rendering pipelines across different fields, making the next-gen, 5G powered, cloud/end device which will be supported by collaborative rendering and AI/big data powered, simplified pipelines and tools. By supporting animation and VFX, virtual broadcasting and short-video digital-content making and digital smart city with our next-gen Engine GritGene, we aim to provide cross-platform rendering technologies to empower digital twins, digital interaction and digital entertainment computing. 

Our Culture

Hardcore: Reflects the high quality of our company’s products, robust technology and innovation. It is the driving core of game and movie visual effects, smart cities, virtual space and more. As a leading company providing Next-Gen rendering architecture, we always keep pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and anticipating new technologies.

At the same time, our logo is a very thick line, from the inside to the outer edge it stretches out with sharp edges and corners, constantly gathering power inwards to generate durable internal power; this is also the image of a “hard core.”

Speed: One of the essential features of our core technologies, GritGene and GritRena means high efficiency. GritGene speeds up the rendering process and shortens the rendering time. Also, we are a fast-growing company, we keep innovating and learning and are able to keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Focus: GritWorld has been cultivating in the field of graphics rendering and is committed to researching its engine. The word “Focus” conveys our professional and persistent attitude.