GritGene Closed-Beta starts now

Since GritWorld has officially released its real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene on September 19, we have successfully received numerous applications for closed-beta testing. Thank you all for your interest in GritGene!

Today we are pleased to announce that the GritGene team has finally determined the list of testers for the closed-beta. We will send the test accounts and engine download links by E-Mail soon.

To ensure the best experience of using the engine for the first test, we need to control the number of people participating. Unfortunately, we are not able to invite everyone to participate in the GritGene closed-beta test at this time.

We believe that GritGene will be a more mature product when we meet again!

GritWorld helps Jinke Services create a new route of Smart Management

Recently, Jinke Services was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As Jinke Services’ technology provider and partner, GritWorld was invited to attend the event and publicly demonstrate the Smart City 3D visualization system.

With the help of GritWorld’s rendering and interactive 3D-graphics capabilities, the Smart City 3D visualization system provides powerful technical support for the  digital management of cities, parks and buildings in multiple facets such as efficiency and accuracy.

At the level of data integration and processing, the Smart City 3D visualization system realizes the integrated extraction, clarity, conversion and management of various spatial geographic information, IoT perception and public thematic data, which provides usable and schedulable data resources for the operating system layer.

At the level of regional business perception, it accesses and displays various databases, business subsystems, IoT sensors and cameras, which enables close interaction within three-dimensional digital space.

At the actual operation level, the full-dimensional data is visualized to make the data into a graphic image. Especially when the area of the local community or single unit and data capacity is ever increasing, the interaction with Big Data is particularly important for key points such as business linkage and decision-making inside and outside the region.

As one of Jinke’s important partners in the construction of Smart Communities, GritWorld is also a leader in the field of computer graphics and vision technology. It has provided essential technical support in the early stage of Jinke Services’ listing. In 2019, both parties established the Laboratory of the Graphic Engine to jointly explore the development of Smart Cities based on GritWorld’s self-developed engine, GritGene.

In terms of business development, Jinke Services relies on the smart management system to provide high-end residential, commercial buildings, industrial parks and government public construction as well as other projects which are covering energy management, disaster warning, epidemic prevention and control, traffic monitoring, urban construction and other fields.

At this stage, GritWorld has implemented customized function coverage and data coverage in the development and innovation of the smart management system around the self-developed real-time graphics engine, GritGene. GritWorld has continued to iterate from the reckless pioneering period in the past to the establishment of a standardized construction platform today, in a true sense to develop the next period of smart city construction from a global perspective.

From a participant in industry development to a founder who participated in the establishment of industry standards, GritWorld is rapidly moving towards the next era of wisdom.

GritGene Showcase Videos

We are glad to share two showcase videos with you which are rendered by the real-time engine GritGene.

GhostBlade is one of the most popular graphic novels in China with millions of fans and readers.

In Noraland, in order to show the highest respect for the goddess Nora, pious humans built a magnificent tower. Goddess Nora was moved by people’s piety and opened a door to another world—the eye of heaven at the top of the tower. Then the full story of GhostBlade just happened.

Currently, GritWorld is working with Sparkly Key Studio to take the story from 2D stills to 3D animation. From the modelling to rigging, skinning to rendering; all of the procedures are going to be completed in GritGene, which is being developed by GritWorld.

Below is the screen recording of the operation in GritGene. Our artist is adjusting the roughness and emissive intensity of the metal decoration on a cylinder.

The ruins scene was designed by our internal art team who wanted to showcase the features in Gritgene by mixing technology and art with a creative backstory. The scene takes the viewer through a lot of different concepts starting with a dark atmosphere and then transcending into something more magical and beautiful. Using ancient and futuristic elements and rendering them in real-time with our next-gen digital engine Gritgene, dynamic features such as Global Illumination, Raytracing, Subsurface Scattering, Order Independent Transparency and Cinematic Anti-Aliasing are showcased.

GritGene announced in China

On September 19, GritWorld successfully held an online product launch conference and officially released the company’s real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene.

The Ghostblade scene in the announcement

The announcement was simultaneously held on one of the most popular social media platforms alongside the WeChat “China Enterprise Video” platform. During the announcement, real-time traffic on Bilibili reached 99,000 hits, the “China Enterprise Video” platform reached peak traffic of 116,200 and the total number of viewers reached 215,000. As of 5 pm on the 21st, the number of views on the Weibo topic #GritGene Engine Online Announcement# reached 978,000!

Ruins scene rendered by GritGene

GritGene is a graphics rendering engine. After 3 years of research and development, the team led by Dr. Wu announced the engine for the first time and publicly recruited internal beta testing personnel. As a new digital engine, GritGene has great technical advantages particularly in the lighting system. It supports real-time ray tracing, dynamic lighting and global illumination. The effects can be modified in the engine providing real-time feedback. Also, the engine supports OIT (Order Independent Transparency), providing digital content creators with better real-time support for rendering transparent objects. More engine features can be found on the official website of GritGene.

With the rapid development of new infrastructure, the demand for digital content creation continues to increase. At present, attempts to use game engines for cross-border applications are not uncommon but cross-domain applications always face incompatibility problems. GritWorld seized the opportunity in the torrent of development, focusing on the development of its rendering engine, hoping to make products that are easy to operate with the highest quality. A real-time rendering engine with independent intellectual property rights not only adds a significant foundation to core rendering technology but it will also play an important role in promoting the creation of global digital content in the future. Professor Wang Chunshui, who is engaged in digital technology at Beijing Film Academy, said that the increasing application of real-time rendering technology in the film and television industry will also bring great changes to the film and television industry. Professor Wang Chunshui will lead his team to become the first users of the GritGene Beta version.

Rendering Ghostblade scene in GritGene

In addition to the release of GritGene’s self-developed graphics rendering engine, GritGene also announced for the first time the popular graphic novel IP project “Ghost Blade” in cooperation with Sparkly Key Animation Studio. GritWorld and Sparkly Key have cooperated for a long time. Shen Leping, the chairman of Sparkly Key, said that the use of real-time rendering in the film and television animation industry will become a trend in the future and Dr. Wu Xiaomao took the lead in seeing the development of this technology and is at the forefront of future development.

Closed Beta is now open for registration. Please register using this link.

How does a Real-Time 3D Digital Smart City Platform work? Smart­City Institute: interview with GritWorld

With the rapid growth of urban population and economic development, many large cities face increasingly unexpected environmental, social and economic challenges. However, the emergence of smart city technology has brought people a new way of life and the market scale of smart cities is also growing globally. Since 2018, GritWorld has been continually working on smart city projects and gaining abundant experience.

At the end of July, the President of the SmartCity Institute in Germany, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh interviewed the Founder & CEO of GritWorld, Dr. Wu and Lead Technical Artist Ganesh Pingale in her program “Have a Tea with Dr. E”. During the interview, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh became interested in GritGene, the main product of GritWorld and wondered how GritWorld utilized it in smart city projects. With a showcase video, Dr. Wu presented the real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene, and explained that GritGene is currently independently developed; On one hand, GritGene provides strong technical support in the reconstruction of 3D models and real-time city visualization. On the other hand, it provides real-time data visualization, transfers the abstract data into vivid animations, which significantly improves human-computer interaction and brings a better experience to smart city users. Additionally, the R&D team of GritWorld is fully able to conduct independent graphics research and apply their findings in the smart city area.

Dr. Wu and Ganesh introduced the Visualization Solution of Pandemic Control which was produced by GritWorld in March 2020

One of the origins of this interview is a new book 《Smart City – Made in Germany》, which is edited by Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh and published by Springer Vieweg. Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh invited a series of authors of the book to her virtual Tea House for an interview to talk about their smart city technologies in community management, transportation control, health infrastructure construction and art creation. Dr. Wu and Ganesh Pingale, as the authors of the capital GritWorld 3D Real-Time Digital Smart City Platform, are in the 12th episode of “Have a Tea with Dr. E.” With the help of various short videos, they introduced classic smart city projects from GritWorld. Going in-depth, they demonstrated the real-time monitoring of traffic in Hangzhou; the efficient operation of the big data screen with a companion-App for mobile phone or tablet to check how the water, electrical and fire alarm systems are running in Machong, China.

The Smart City User Case: Community Management

At last, Dr. Wu and Dr. Etezadzadeh also talked about the cultural differences between China and Germany. Dr. Wu mentioned that Chinese culture emphasizes on harmony. Our Chinese colleagues are always trying to build up a harmonious atmosphere. Nevertheless, in Germany, colleagues are more direct and straightforward. Additionally, in Germany, work and home life are separated; while in China, people are used to mixing them together.

It was a very informative and informal interview. Just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy

Dr. Wu attends the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference(WAIC) was successfully held from July 9th to July 11th in Shanghai.

The most influential scholars and entrepreneurs in the Artificial Intelligence industry gathered in different forums to discuss AI technology and its innovative development trend of globalization.

The founder of GritWorld, Dr.Wu was also invited to attend the WAIC live studio event on July 11th and spoke about the integration of computer graphics and AI.

Dr. Wu ( right ) talks about the human-machine interaction in the area of computer graphic 

The fusion of graphics and AI becoming a trend

As we all know, computer graphics is like an “invisible worker” in people’s lives, hidden behind film and games, bringing stunning experiences of special effects to users. Nowadays, technology comes out from behind the scenes to the public.

Dr. Wu explained that the fusion of computer graphics and AI technology has been initially applied in many fields; beyond the game and film production industries, smart city and even artistic creations are widely utilized.

The integration of computer graphics and AI applied in Smart City and Art

AI brings new opportunities for the development of computer graphics

With the upgrading of various types of hardware, the way of human-computer interaction has gradually changed. Huawei is currently working on mobile AR application and development. Futural AR digital content will have greater demand and higher precision requirements. Phone users would change from consumers to content creators and get involved in the creation of digital content.

At the same time, it challenges the research and development of computer graphics to bring a tool to the market, which fits the rapid generation of digital content and reduces the difficulties for non-professional users.

AR effect in Huawei Project: 3D virtual digital earth

Since 2015, Dr. Wu led his team to independently develop the real-time rendering engine GritGene and its goal goes beyond providing Technical support for real-time rendering. We want to create a simple and easy-to-use standardized tool to serve everyday use.

Demo: operating the WAIC logo in real-time rendering engine GritGene

During the interview, Dr. Wu shared the current AI automatic skinned mesh technology and the establishment of 3D graphics through 2D sketches.

RigNet,AI automatic skinned mesh(ZhanXu etc.,SIGGRAPH, 2020)
BendSketch,3D sketches(Changjian Li etc.,SIGGRAPH, 2017)

AI brings the 3D digital experience

Dr. Wu predicted that 2023 would be the first year of the 3D digital experience. In 2023, 5G technology should make a breakthrough that could actively promote the upgrade of AR 3D glasses. Moreover, portable AR devices that are light enough will gradually replace the mobile phone and people will live in a three-dimensional digital world. Additionally, all kinds of apps will also provide users with a three-dimensional form. There is no doubt that computer graphics technology can provide realistic scenes in human-computer interaction. With the integration of AI and computer graphics, the visual transformation of the real world and the creation of the virtual world need to rely on a robust digital engine. The seamless connection of the digital world will also bring subversive changes to the interaction between humans and machines, and the three-dimensional digital experience.

GritWorld won the “TOP10 award for Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019”

GritWorld was selected for the TOP10 award for “Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019” by CVAwards.

As an independent third-party organization, since 2006, CVAwards focused on the development of the primary market industry, annually selecting the top ten projects which have its market in China. The committee members are selected from the top venture capital institutions and private equity in China. CVAwards is a professional, authoritative, and rigorous institute, described as the guide of the domestic equity investment industry.

Today, as the power of the digital economy is gradually emerging, more and more investors are focusing on investmenting into innovation and cutting-edge technology. In 2019, GritWorld won tens of millions of dollars in its A+ round of financing, led by C Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group and Linear Capital follow-up investment; GritWorld previously also obtained A-round investment led by Linear Capital and Jiangmen. GritWorld, being selected among the TOP10 projects in 2019 is not only an affirmation of its investors but also an affirmation of the company’s innovative technology and comprehensive strength. C Ventures, one of the investors of GritWorld, won the “Top 30 International PE Firms in China” and “Top 100 China PE Firms.”

(Picture Source:

GTAI invited GritWorld to share its experience

On June 9th, Dr. Xiaomao Wu, the founder of GritWorld, was invited by The Foreign Trade and Inward Investment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (GTAI) to attend a webinar on the theme “Successfully Exploiting the German Market.”

At present, the trade volume between China and Germany has exceeded 200 billion euros. The previous cooperation and investment between the enterprises of the two countries have become increasingly frequent. In recent years, Germany has become one of the countries with the most investment projects from China. Against this backdrop, the GTAI organized this webinar and invited Mr. Robert Herzner (the representative of the GTAI) and Mr. Changyang Li (Deputy Director-General of the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce) to share with the participants the current economic situation in Germany as well as the German government’s support for corporate development. Dr. Xiaomao Wu was invited as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurial success in Germany to share with the participants his experience in establishing GritWorld GmbH in Germany.

(Picture Source: )

GritWorld GmbH was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As we all know, Germany is among the best in the world in the field of researching computer graphics and computer vision. As a technology company focused on computer graphics, such a research environment is undoubtedly a good starting point.

Dr. Wu believes that on one hand, the talent policy, taxation policy and scientific research environment in Germany has contributed significantly to the development of enterprises; on the other hand, the openness, tolerance and high standard of living also play an essential role in the growth of companies.

Dr. Wu was previously engaged in the field of game technology in Germany. He has extensive experience in this field and pioneered the use of game technology in film and television production, which has promoted the transformation of traditional 3D film and television special effects and other technologies. Dr. Wu hopes that in the future, real-time rendering technology will allow more users to create digital content. With this in mind, he founded GritWorld in Germany. With the support of Germany’s pleasant scientific research environment and the GTAI, GritWorld has attracted talents from different countries, and has gradually grown and subsequently established branches in China. Under the impact of the epidemic, GritWorld still maintains the momentum of upward development.

The Interface of GritGene

GritWorld focuses on real-time graphics rendering engine and digital reconstruction technologies and applying the technology to film, animation, smart city and other fields. In the future, the company will further enhance the use of AI in the engine and the productization of cloud-end collaborative rendering, which will provide professional and enthusiast digital content-creators with high-quality, easy-to-use standardized tools.

Dr. Wu presents at the New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit 2020

On May 28, 2020, New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit was held in Foshan Creative Industry Park. The online live broadcasts attracted 285,000 people to watch and exchange their opinions. Dr. Wu Xiaomao, the founder and CEO of GritWorld, was invited to share his thoughts on the integration of industrial Internet and digital entertainment.

Dr. Wu explained his observations and understanding of the current digital economy development trends. He believes that in the future, cloud computing and AI environment will convert all artificial information and data into visual content and integrate with reality, which could transform the real world and create a new virtual world.

What’s more, with the continuous development of industrial Internet, various technologies are also continuously integrated and applied across fields. Rendering technology is not only used in film, television, animation and games but also in data visualization. Governments and enterprises, as well as individual consumers, will participate in the creation of digital content in the future to promote the development of the digital economy.

Dr. Wu in speech: the Mission of GritWorld 

The application of underlying digital engine tools in various fields is precisely what GritWorld has been doing. At present, GritWorld has made some breakthroughs in graphics rendering with their graphics engine GritGene and their proprietary 3D large-scale reconstruction technology, which can shorten the response time and enhance the processing capacity and throughput of big data without sacrificing rendering quality; local and remote multi-party collaboration makes the engine work smarter. In the future, everyone will be inseparable from “digital,” and more and more people will become creators of “digital content.” To provide the best tools and platforms for them, GritWorld will keep cultivating in the field of graphics rendering and will remain committed to research.

(Picture Source:

GritGene has its own logo! A new logo a new beginning!

After rebranding the GritWorld company logo, our real-time digital rendering engine GritGene also owns a new logo! GritGene not only supports both low-end hardware and high-end GPU clusters on the cloud but also uses the multi-GPU, which significantly enhances the interaction between human and computer with flexibility and scalability. GritGene is our independent intellectual property and the powerful inner-core driving the revolutionary development of visual effects in animations, movies, graphic design, and Smart City.

This time, we chose fading green as the primary colour of the logo, which changes from light green to ocean green.  This bright colour presents an energising and vibrant attitude which exactly matches GritGene’s image of incomparable high-performance. To deliver the feeling of power and self-assuredness, similar to our company logo, we used the sharp edges and corners again. As a whole, the GritGene logo is in a futuristic style and looks like the shield of a brave warrior.  In the middle there is a ‘Play’ button. It seems that if you press the button, the ‘shield’ would spin immediately.

We hope you like GritGene’s new logo!