GritGene Closed-Beta starts now

Since GritWorld has officially released its real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene on September 19, we have successfully received numerous applications for closed-beta testing. Thank you all for your interest in GritGene!

Today we are pleased to announce that the GritGene team has finally determined the list of testers for the closed-beta. We will send the test accounts and engine download links by E-Mail soon.

To ensure the best experience of using the engine for the first test, we need to control the number of people participating. Unfortunately, we are not able to invite everyone to participate in the GritGene closed-beta test at this time.

We believe that GritGene will be a more mature product when we meet again!

GritWorld helps Jinke Services create a new route of Smart Management

Recently, Jinke Services was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As Jinke Services’ technology provider and partner, GritWorld was invited to attend the event and publicly demonstrate the Smart City 3D visualization system.

With the help of GritWorld’s rendering and interactive 3D-graphics capabilities, the Smart City 3D visualization system provides powerful technical support for the  digital management of cities, parks and buildings in multiple facets such as efficiency and accuracy.

At the level of data integration and processing, the Smart City 3D visualization system realizes the integrated extraction, clarity, conversion and management of various spatial geographic information, IoT perception and public thematic data, which provides usable and schedulable data resources for the operating system layer.

At the level of regional business perception, it accesses and displays various databases, business subsystems, IoT sensors and cameras, which enables close interaction within three-dimensional digital space.

At the actual operation level, the full-dimensional data is visualized to make the data into a graphic image. Especially when the area of the local community or single unit and data capacity is ever increasing, the interaction with Big Data is particularly important for key points such as business linkage and decision-making inside and outside the region.

As one of Jinke’s important partners in the construction of Smart Communities, GritWorld is also a leader in the field of computer graphics and vision technology. It has provided essential technical support in the early stage of Jinke Services’ listing. In 2019, both parties established the Laboratory of the Graphic Engine to jointly explore the development of Smart Cities based on GritWorld’s self-developed engine, GritGene.

In terms of business development, Jinke Services relies on the smart management system to provide high-end residential, commercial buildings, industrial parks and government public construction as well as other projects which are covering energy management, disaster warning, epidemic prevention and control, traffic monitoring, urban construction and other fields.

At this stage, GritWorld has implemented customized function coverage and data coverage in the development and innovation of the smart management system around the self-developed real-time graphics engine, GritGene. GritWorld has continued to iterate from the reckless pioneering period in the past to the establishment of a standardized construction platform today, in a true sense to develop the next period of smart city construction from a global perspective.

From a participant in industry development to a founder who participated in the establishment of industry standards, GritWorld is rapidly moving towards the next era of wisdom.