GritWorld won the “TOP10 award for Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019”

GritWorld was selected for the TOP10 award for “Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019” by CVAwards.

As an independent third-party organization, since 2006, CVAwards focused on the development of the primary market industry, annually selecting the top ten projects which have its market in China. The committee members are selected from the top venture capital institutions and private equity in China. CVAwards is a professional, authoritative, and rigorous institute, described as the guide of the domestic equity investment industry.

Today, as the power of the digital economy is gradually emerging, more and more investors are focusing on investmenting into innovation and cutting-edge technology. In 2019, GritWorld won tens of millions of dollars in its A+ round of financing, led by C Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group and Linear Capital follow-up investment; GritWorld previously also obtained A-round investment led by Linear Capital and Jiangmen. GritWorld, being selected among the TOP10 projects in 2019 is not only an affirmation of its investors but also an affirmation of the company’s innovative technology and comprehensive strength. C Ventures, one of the investors of GritWorld, won the “Top 30 International PE Firms in China” and “Top 100 China PE Firms.”

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GTAI invited GritWorld to share its experience

On June 9th, Dr. Xiaomao Wu, the founder of GritWorld, was invited by The Foreign Trade and Inward Investment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (GTAI) to attend a webinar on the theme “Successfully Exploiting the German Market.”

At present, the trade volume between China and Germany has exceeded 200 billion euros. The previous cooperation and investment between the enterprises of the two countries have become increasingly frequent. In recent years, Germany has become one of the countries with the most investment projects from China. Against this backdrop, the GTAI organized this webinar and invited Mr. Robert Herzner (the representative of the GTAI) and Mr. Changyang Li (Deputy Director-General of the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce) to share with the participants the current economic situation in Germany as well as the German government’s support for corporate development. Dr. Xiaomao Wu was invited as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurial success in Germany to share with the participants his experience in establishing GritWorld GmbH in Germany.

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GritWorld GmbH was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As we all know, Germany is among the best in the world in the field of researching computer graphics and computer vision. As a technology company focused on computer graphics, such a research environment is undoubtedly a good starting point.

Dr. Wu believes that on one hand, the talent policy, taxation policy and scientific research environment in Germany has contributed significantly to the development of enterprises; on the other hand, the openness, tolerance and high standard of living also play an essential role in the growth of companies.

Dr. Wu was previously engaged in the field of game technology in Germany. He has extensive experience in this field and pioneered the use of game technology in film and television production, which has promoted the transformation of traditional 3D film and television special effects and other technologies. Dr. Wu hopes that in the future, real-time rendering technology will allow more users to create digital content. With this in mind, he founded GritWorld in Germany. With the support of Germany’s pleasant scientific research environment and the GTAI, GritWorld has attracted talents from different countries, and has gradually grown and subsequently established branches in China. Under the impact of the epidemic, GritWorld still maintains the momentum of upward development.

The Interface of GritGene

GritWorld focuses on real-time graphics rendering engine and digital reconstruction technologies and applying the technology to film, animation, smart city and other fields. In the future, the company will further enhance the use of AI in the engine and the productization of cloud-end collaborative rendering, which will provide professional and enthusiast digital content-creators with high-quality, easy-to-use standardized tools.

Dr. Wu presents at the New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit 2020

On May 28, 2020, New City Engine for Digital Economy and Cloud Summit was held in Foshan Creative Industry Park. The online live broadcasts attracted 285,000 people to watch and exchange their opinions. Dr. Wu Xiaomao, the founder and CEO of GritWorld, was invited to share his thoughts on the integration of industrial Internet and digital entertainment.

Dr. Wu explained his observations and understanding of the current digital economy development trends. He believes that in the future, cloud computing and AI environment will convert all artificial information and data into visual content and integrate with reality, which could transform the real world and create a new virtual world.

What’s more, with the continuous development of industrial Internet, various technologies are also continuously integrated and applied across fields. Rendering technology is not only used in film, television, animation and games but also in data visualization. Governments and enterprises, as well as individual consumers, will participate in the creation of digital content in the future to promote the development of the digital economy.

Dr. Wu in speech: the Mission of GritWorld 

The application of underlying digital engine tools in various fields is precisely what GritWorld has been doing. At present, GritWorld has made some breakthroughs in graphics rendering with their graphics engine GritGene and their proprietary 3D large-scale reconstruction technology, which can shorten the response time and enhance the processing capacity and throughput of big data without sacrificing rendering quality; local and remote multi-party collaboration makes the engine work smarter. In the future, everyone will be inseparable from “digital,” and more and more people will become creators of “digital content.” To provide the best tools and platforms for them, GritWorld will keep cultivating in the field of graphics rendering and will remain committed to research.

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