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About GritWorld

GritWorld is a company focusing on Computer Graphics and Vision technologies. It was established in December 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. GritWorld has its subsidiaries in Shanghai and Guangzhou of China and has 110 employees worldwide from 18 Countries. GritWorld’s main product is its cross-industry real-time graphics engine GritGene.



A real-time engine, initially made for film-making. It can achieve CGI quality. More details coming soon.



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We are hiring

Innovation starts with people, talent and motivation. We are always looking for them. We do our very best to create a fantastic work environment for our teams, so feel free to have a look at our open positions.



How does a Real-Time 3D Digital Smart City Platform work? Smart­City Institute: interview with GritWorld

With the rapid growth of urban population and economic development, many large cities face increasingly unexpected environmental, social and economic challenges. However, the emergence of smart city technology has brought people a new way of life and the market scale…

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Dr. Wu attends the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference(WAIC) was successfully held from July 9th to July 11th in Shanghai. The most influential scholars and entrepreneurs in the Artificial Intelligence industry gathered in different forums to discuss AI technology and its innovative development…

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GritWorld won the “TOP10 award for Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019”

GritWorld was selected for the TOP10 award for “Best Investment Case for China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in 2019” by CVAwards. As an independent third-party organization, since 2006, CVAwards focused on the development of the primary market industry,…

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